11th of July Friday on 13th of July Sunday

solo sunday

(the circled answers are those I got from Saturday’s paper)

RS is in Beijing and TH was hungover, so that left me handling DA solo while the Tigers took out the Eagles by over seventy points at Subiaco. I listened to part of the game on the wireless and watched the rest of it on Foxtel at the Dick Whittington. On the Dick’s self-service TAB facilities, I placed a happy $2 bet on the Tigers winning by over sixty points for a total return of $26, and it was happy times all round as I got over three-quarters of Friday’s perplexing pearler sorted.

While I got over three-quarters of the DA done, I must admit that I still can’t explain a few of them, and of those that I didn’t complete, most I either have no explanation for or Google had to help me out with a solution. It’s clear that a second or third cryptic head would have come in handy for some extra explaining power, but more disappointingly, there was not a second or third raucous laugh in cacophonous symphony with my own after getting to the solution of the best clue of the crossword:

6 down: To fail when fishing in the Caribbean? (6)

I angled, I wangled, I wobbled, I baited; but it was only after some helpful cross clues that I got Tobago = in the Caribbean and the classic to bag 0 = to fail when fishing.

Dr. John on the headphones approves too of the fine clue, and he hopes, as do I, that the many DA perplexities about to be posted will be resolved by the collective consciousness of the cryptic community on the interwebs.

2 thoughts on “11th of July Friday on 13th of July Sunday

  1. Can’t seem to log in (perhaps because I’ve never done so and the blog has thus given up on me), so I’m relegated to commenting here. I’m kinda relieved that AS had as little idea about most of these clues as I did – I managed to get about 3/4 of the puzzle done while rarely understanding how any of the clues bore any relation to the answers I was getting. Still, can shed a little light on some of them (or, failing that, add my gripes to AS’s):

    18 across: Baseball score impossible with [AWAY GAME] (4-3)
    Home run impossible in away game? Er, no it’s not – nice pun, but factually incorrect. Bleurgh.
    19 across: A judge in [SPEECH], ready for challenge on the road (4-4)
    OK, so a challenge on the road is an AWAY GAME. Fine. Ready for = GAME. Yep. A judge in speech = AWAY? Um, whafuck?
    21 across: Massive wombat turned lazy with excess, yet alert (10)
    I couldn’t remember the name of the giant wombat-y things that I once read inhabited Australia, but Google reminded me that they were Diprotodons. Once I had the answer, it became apparent that turned lazy is DIPROT (“torpid” backwards), and alert is ON. Not sure where the TO comes from, though.
    28 across: Non-wizard aboard runs (8)
    It’s SMUGGLER due to a Harry Potter reference – a non-wizard is a muggle. I didn’t get this, mainly because I couldn’t bring myself to insert HOME RUN – this in turn was because I didn’t get AWAY GAME. And I still don’t.

    8 down: SYLLOGISM? Um…

    Evil DA!


  2. I had no idea that the “…” meant look at the answer to the next clue! All this time, I thought the “…” meant nothing.

    For AWAY GAME, judge = weigh so that a judge in speech = away.

    I completely missed the TORPID, but the rest is OD = excess and as you said, alert = ON.

    And I’m kind of proud that I didn’t get the Harry Potter reference.

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