20th June Error

25, 23 down: Vaccine inventor accepts 1999 boxer as alleged match fixer (5, 5)

DA does not often disappoint. Bamboozle, yes; disappoint, rarely; so I’m supposing this will be a category of clue that will not see much expansion.

Salk is the inventor of the polio vaccine and when IMM for 1999 and Ali for boxer are added into the mix, you get the letters to form Salim Malik, the match fixer. The error is, though, that the Roman numeral for 1999 is MIM, not IMM!

4 thoughts on “20th June Error

  1. Here’s one from 1 August you might consider adding to this category if you agree with me.

    12 across: Pan author after good chapter’s climax that most jetsetters go through? (5,7)

    (peter) pan was written by (jm)BARRIE, good = SOUND, and chapter’s climax = R

    hence SOUND BARRIER is the answer.

    But “most jetsetters go through”? Really, DA? Granted that a very small number of passenger jets could and did break the sound barrier (e.g. Concorde and Tupolev TU-144 – thanks, Wikipedia), I still think this is a factual error in the definition part of the clue…

    But I suppose if there is such a thing as “poetic license” we should allow some leeway to DA in his at times poetic artform too :)

  2. TH argued the same thing about the sound barrier, although I’m willing to let it slide.

    Actually, no I’m not. I’m gonna list it because it could have just been Pan author after good chapter’s climax that jetsetters no longer go through? (5,7) and everything would have been fine.

  3. New information has just come to hand that throws new light on 20 June 25, 23 Down. This issue might not be as clear cut as first appeared.

    The Wikipedia entry for “Roman numerals” has a table of the “standard” Roman numeral equivalents for a list of numbers. The entry for 1999 gives MCMXCIX. I would love to see DA work that one into a cryptic!

    The table also says that both IMM and MIM are shortcuts.
    Maybe we should cut DA some slack on this one?

  4. I’m not budging on this one.

    IMM is just as crap as MCMXCIX.

    Next we’ll starting saying that 5 is a shortcut for 3 + 2, which it is, but not really.

    Maybe if DA said variant 1999 I’d go easy on him.

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