A 23rd of May Perplexity

13dn: A psycho turns up during fairly polite search (4,5)

Can anyone provide the reasoning behind why this clue’s answer is cast about?

2 thoughts on “A 23rd of May Perplexity

  1. Def: search
    psycho = mad = BATS, which is reversed by way of “turns up”, and follows a=A to give ASTAB.

    That leaves you “during fairly polite” to indicate the surrounding COUT. “during” is fairly obviously a containment indicator, and “fairly polite” = COUT(h), couth (which is probably in your dictionary) being “polite” by back-formation from “uncouth”.

  2. Peter, are you DA?

    I can’t see how anyone other than DA would have solved that.

    Thank you!

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